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Vital Energy for a World on the Move
    About Us
Chloride Canada Limited was established 30 years ago to meet the growing demand of the Canadian Electric Motive Power industry.

The Chloride Electric Storage commenced operations in 1891 with the mandate to develop and market new patents and designs of lead acid batteries for the electric vehicle market. In 1891 there were more electric vehicles on the road than were driven vehicles.

Today, Chloride Motive Power is the recognized brand leader. Chloride Motive Power is also a global leader in providing stored electrical energy solutions. It is the world's foremost supplier of lead acid batteries for network power, motive power and automotive applications with an increasing presence in emerging battery technologies.

The Chloride tubular plate motive power battery in use today is a direct descendent of the original tubular plate design with over a hundred years of steady development.

The criteria used for design of the batteries is to create units which supply a high wattage from a given volume (energy density), this is not the same as ampere hour capacity.

In order to obtain the best energy density, the cells must be able to operate at the highest obtainable voltage. Lead and lead oxide are both poor conductors and consequently the design of the Chloride tubular cells and accessories has been directed towards increasing conductivity and reducing resistance.
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The Chloride Advantage
The new bolt on intercell connectors are made of highly conductive copper which is fully encased in an acid proof polyurethane cable with protected bolts to provide a complete dead top battery.

Other innovation include particle size of the active material, slurry filling of the tubes and high antimony content in the lead for strength.

The result of all of these and other smaller innovations produce batteries that maintain a comparitively high operating voltage.

When used in an industrial forklift truck, where the electric motor drains kilowatts from the battery, the high operating voltage will mean less current drain. The electric truck would therefore, require less ampere hours to operate over a given time frame. Conversely we find that Chloride Tubular Batteries will regularly give 2 or 3 hours extra work per day.

Chloride Tubular Batteries also run cooler and have a better charge acceptance than higher resistance batteries. This means less frequent topping up (there is also extra room above the plates) and less gassing.

Another by product is longer life.

Our services today include assembling of traction batteries, preventative maintenance programs and providing rental traction batteries.
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